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Understanding pain and all the factors that can affect individual levels of pain is essential to developing an appropriate care plan. Our compassionate, experienced provider understands the complex need of patients suffering from acute and chronic pain and is committed to improving independence and quality of life. We provide a comprehensive approach to pain management, utilizing the most advanced diagnostic equipment and treatment options available.

In our state of the art facility in Hagerstown, we offer a broad range of therapies for simple to complex pain problems such as neck and lower back pain, musculoskeletal disease, failed spinal or neck surgery, degenerative joint disease, cancer related pain, headache and facial pain and atypical pain. Our friendly, experienced staff strive to provide the best quality care for our patients.


We accept the following insurance:

Aetna, Amerigroup, Better Health of Maryland, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CareFirst, Cigna, Humana, Johns Hopkins – Priority Partners, Maryland Medicaid, Maryland Physician Care, Medicare, Multiplan, Pennsylvania Medicaid, Tricare, Unicare West Virginia, United Healthcare, United HealthCare Community Plan, West Virginia Medicaid, and Workers Compensation.  Please call to verify other insurances.

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Some of the treatments we offer

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point                              Injections

A trigger point injection (TPI) is an injection that is given directly into the trigger point for pain management. Sometimes, a needle alone is inserted into the trigger point, without medicine.

Pain medication management

Pain Medication             Management

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience.  Whether your pain is from arthritis, cancer treatments, fibromyalgia, or an old injury, we will find a way to get your pain under control.

Cervical, thoracic, & lumbar epidural injections

Cervical, Thoracic, & Lumbar Epidural Injections

An epidural injection is a procedure that can help relieve radicular pain that results from herniated disc, pinched inflamed nerve, spinal stenosis, etc. Injections are administered to relieve pain.

Facet nerve blocksFacet Nerve Block                        and Ablation

It is a procedure to treat arthritis and inflammation of the small joints between the spines, that results from aging, sports or injuries. It is very common cause of chronic low back pain.

Lumbar & Thoracic Selective Nerve Root Block

A selective nerve root block is a minimally invasive procedure that is used to diagnose and treat cervical, thoracic, and lumbar pain, and associated extremity pain. It may also be used to provide therapeutic relief.

Regenerative medicine

Regenerative                           Medicine

Regenerative Medicine deals with the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function”.

Bursitis & tendon injections

Bursitis & Tendon                           Injections

The aim of a bursal injection is primarily to reduce any inflammation in or around the bursa by injecting a small dose of corticosteroid and local anaesthetic. This should result in pain relief.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

PRP is produced from a person’s own blood. It is a concentration of one type of cell, known as platelets, which circulate through the blood and are critical for blood clotting